May 25, 2018
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Social-aware content sharing in opportunistic networks
Franca Delmastro, Marco Conti, and Andrea Passarella
Context and social information of mobile users are important tools for efficient communication in intermittent-connectivity settings.

Trust and cooperation for critical resource sharing in sensor networks
Giuseppe Persiano and Angelo De Caro
Groups working together improves not just overall performance but also individual benefits for the components of a system.

Intelligence, control and the artificial mind
Ricardo Sanz
Artificial intelligence and cognitive science must look at the world of industrial-process control to find the technological reifications of the concept of mind.

The secret life of the immune system: inspiring pervasive systems
Emma Hart
The immune system performs more than simply defence and exploiting its additional functionality can lead to the design of better pervasive adaptive systems.

NASA deploys intelligent software agent technology
Maarten Sierhuis, William J. Clancey, and Timothy Hall
A new automated flight-control system for the International Space Station reduces workload by 90% by employing ethnographic observation and agent-based modelling and simulation.

Social adaptation in conversational agents
Stefan Kopp
Technology interfaces can improve human-machine interaction when they learn to adapt to users in social settings.

Gaze guidance for improved visual communication
Michael Dorr and Erhardt Barth
Novel systems to direct the gaze may enhance human vision for tasks such as driving or reading.

Self-organizing ants find new paths to scalability
Robert Tolksdorf
The principles of locality and decentralization found in nature could be the key to managing Web data traffic, as shown in initial experiments with a semantic store.

Simulating the emergence and innovation of norms
Ulf Lotzmann, Michael Möhring, and Klaus G. Troitzsch
Modelling situations in which agents can take offence at other agents' behaviour enables them to invent, learn and evolve social rules in a realistic way.

Diplomacy game: the test bed
Angela Fabregues and Carles Sierra
A rich shared-application domain is helping to further current research on negotiation and trust.