May 25, 2018
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Joint activity in human-agent-robot teamwork
Paul J. Feltovich, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, and Mathew Johnson
Joint-activity theory enables system design to accommodate the demands of interdependence.

Dynamic adaptive language for dynamic adaptive solutions
Helena Keeley and Thomas Keeley
A dynamic analog language provides a path to create adaptive cognitive engines for real-time adaptive-control systems that can explain their decisions and actions.

Soft and elastic circuits for electronics anywhere, not just everywhere
Stéphanie P. Lacour
Electronic circuits become compliant and will thus enable development of improved interfaces with 3D structures, including the human body.

Context-aware brain-computer interfaces
Ricardo Chavarriaga and José del R. Millán
Systems using brain-generated signals can control complex, smart devices by taking into account information about the situation at hand, as well as the operator's cognitive state.

Democratic potential of the Fifth Estate
William Dutton
An emerging network of individuals is enabling new ways of holding government, media and other institutions more to account, but its vitality is threatened by other estates of the Internet realm.

Simplicity in search technology is the ultimate sophistication
Dag Johansen and Bjørn Olstad
Development of next-generation, large-scale information-access systems requires a broad range of computer-science advancements in computing infrastructure and algorithmic user experiences.

Intelligent agents for the smart grid
Alex Rogers and Nicholas R. Jennings
A novel approach delivers the autonomous, intelligent behaviour required of the smart grid.

Pervasive adoption of social norms in workplace interactions
Mónica Sara Santos
An anonymous online system for flagging violations of cultural norms can address potential conflicts in open-plan offices.

Touching the future: the rise of multitouch interfaces
Johannes Schöning
Advances in sensor and hardware implementation enable expressive gestural control and fluid multi-user collaboration in human/computer interactions.

SATURN, the UK Ministry of Defence Grand Challenge winner
Ken Wahren
A major robotics competition generated many ideas to detect military threats in the urban environment.